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I am Alice and I am an Italian and English speaking psychologist with more than 10 years of study and experience in working with people from all over the world. I have a deep passion in helping people who are experiencing psychological difficulties. I work online and in person.

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Do you feel anxious and not knowing

how to proceed in life?

Are you facing transition and unsure

what is the next step?

Do you experience difficulties within close relationships?

Does your mind-set work against you

and your ability to reach your goals?

Each person is unique. There is a centre inside ourselves that knows how to direct us towards healing.

Therapy helps to get in touch and to unlock your self-healing power.

Are your experiencing...

Change can only happen when the energy is directed not in fighting the old but on discovering the new.

Together we will work on exploring your desires, connecting with love and a sense of purpose.

In my clinical work I use an Integrative Approach which is derived from the Cognitive Behavior Therapy,

Psychosomatic, Analytical Psychology, Bioenergetic, Art Therapy, Classical Psychodrama and Analytical Psychodrama.

1) Pinpoint patterns

   The first step is to point out unhealthy patterns.

Together we will work to identify what is causing the emotional pain.

2) Acceptance

    By embracing and accepting inner patterns is possible to move from a state of pain and disconnection,

isolation into one of love and connection.

3) Transformation

    “The whole is different from the sums of its parts”.

By actively engaging in changing inner beliefs and related emotions through different techniques

such as affirmations, visualisations and imaginary.

4) Practice

     Put into action in your daily life the new knowledge and awareness.

5) Reinforcement

     Strengthening of the new awareness.

It's up to you!

Online and In-Person therapy

What to expect

I offer a safe and a private space in which we can talk and explore the reasons behind your
behavior. Therapy helps to reconnect and to understand your inner world. We will speak about
the goal that you have for doing therapy. The duration of therapy depends on the particular issue
you want to work on. Moreover, throughout the length of therapy we will speak about your progress
and satisfaction with it.

Please, note that I don't treat:

- suicidal ideation, self-harming, hallucinations and psychosis.



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