*to maintain client confidentiality, only the initials are displayed

In-Person Individual Therapy

"I really appreciate the 5 months I spent with Alice to re-discover my inner-strength to confront the challenges that brought me down. Alice provided a warm welcome, a safe environment and a dedication to listen and help from day 1. It was not easy to tackle
multiple issues at the same time, but Alice uses her professional knowledge to help me navigate through the "mist" of problems and unfold them one by one.

I really benefited from some exercises that Alice provided to hear my inner voice and find my core belief. Visiting Alice always brings me calm, relaxation, more trust in myself and more strength to carry on. By the end of the sessions, all comes so naturally back to me that I am confident and positive to move on to the next chapters of life without the previous doubts, worries and anxieties.”  J.W.

Psychodrama group

“After doing many different forms of therapy, I found out that just by talking about my feelings and about my past does not really get me any further. Making contact with my body and learning to listen to it, helped me to process emotions in a positive way.
In this process, I have experienced Alice as a pleasant and empathetic counsellor. With respect and patience she sends you in the right direction to get in touch with which you usually prefer to avoid and that is exactly what helped me.” K. S.

Online Individual Therapy

“I started seeing Alice when I realised the stress I was under became too overwhelming. I really liked the fact that she immediately created a comfortable enough environment for me to speak and to address my thoughts and feelings and from the first session I already had an action plan of what to do next to improve my state of mind. Throughout our sessions we addressed multiple subjects that were stressing me out or bothering me and I really liked how she let me bring them up at my own pace, how she
asks the right questions to make me push my thinking a little bit further, how she introduced me to small actions I can take daily to better myself and my mental health.

Another aspect I really appreciated is that she has a flexible program and we managed to find a schedule that works really well with my work schedule as well. I believe the healthiest decision I've made for myself in 2020 was to start my sessions with Alice and I recommend it to everyone who finds themselves in a negative mind-space during these times.” A.S.