I am here to support you on this journey

Step 1

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone or online intake call. During this call, we will discuss your therapy needs and set up your first appointment. 

 Step 2

In the initial session, we will delve into your background, current symptoms, interests, and therapy goals. 

Step 3

The duration and frequency of sessions are customized to suit your unique needs. Therapy provides a safe, confidential space for you to reconnect with your inner self. Your therapeutic journey is uniquely yours. 

Step 4

Throughout therapy, hidden thoughts and core beliefs may emerge. This process helps you reframe painful experiences, reassess your beliefs and others' intentions, and reconnect with your body, needs, creativity, desires, and preferences.

When treatment cannot be applied:

Treatment is not suitable in case of severe suicidal ideation, severe self-harming, acute hallucinations and psychosis.